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Whey Protein Supplements


Whey Protein – Easily digested and great tasting!

ProteinCo Canada offers a complete line of premium quality Whey Protein powder choices. Additionally, whether it’s whey protein isolate, protein concentrates, casein protein, or whey protein blend, you will find the best tasting, premium quality bodybuilding supplements to develop muscle better and faster than ever before. All of our Whey Protein Supplements are specifically formulated for the ultimate in quality and value

Weight Gain Protein – Turbo charging muscle mass, weight and body size gains!

For those looking to gain muscle mass and body size, a gainer supplement can be a key protein source to utilize. Weight Gain Protein packs a massive quantity of calories from a complete source of ingredients. Being very high in protein as well, they often support weight gain better than other low calorie choices.

Casein Protein – Slow digesting proteins for nighttime muscle growth support!

Casein Protein is best when consumed right before you go to bed. The time release nature of this slow acting protein assists with overnight muscle development. It’s ideal for bodybuilders and others looking to fuel muscle growth during any extended period of limited or no calorie consumption, such as when you are sleeping at night.

Meal Replacement Protein – High protein supplement mixes that are meals on the go!

These ready to mix protein powders are complete meals that are convenient to take and mix anywhere. Simply put a serving or two in a bottle, bring it with you everywhere you go, and then add water, shake and drink your breakfast, lunch or snack. They adapt easily to your own blend as a breakfast smoothie at home too.

Vegetable Protein – A complete amino acid profile from plant sources!

Plant based protein so it’s ideal for vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking for more protein variety. Contrary to popular belief, many raw vegetables contain complete amino acid profiles to support muscle building and maintenance. They are a cleaner burning source of protein than whey, so they are Canadian supplements that should be used by everyone on occasion.


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