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Whey Protein Isolate Sample Flavour Pack



Product: 10 x Whey Protein Isolate
Product: Made with New Zealand Protein Isolate
Disclaimer: Random Sample Flavours
Disclaimer: actual product may differ from image
Limit: 1 per client
Return Policy: Not returnable and not refundable
Shaker: No Warranty
Proudly Manufactured in: Canada
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit(s)
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Protein Co.

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Supplement Reviews

  1. Your best bet if you're not sure what flavour to buy

    Posted by on

    I am new to Protein Co and have been extremely impressed with how clean the ingredient list is for the New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate - however, like most who have never tried this product, I was not sure whether I would actually like it and which flavour I would want to order - Well this Sample Pack is perfect! The cost commitment is minimal and you get a sample of all the different flavours..allowing you to decide which one you like best - I highly recommend this product for anyone who finds him/herself in the same position as I've been

  2. The protein isolate seems on par with what I've been buying from my local shop

    Posted by on

    The protein isolate seems on par with what I've been buying from my local shop and seems inviting with free shipping and a lower price point but the 10 packet isolate packets were made up of mostly fruity flavors with 4 sets of doubles. Since 80% of proteins sold are either chocolate or vanilla I would of expected at least one pack of each of these two flavors. If I was in marketing for this company I would insist on every 10 packet of trial proteins to contain at least one pack of chocolate and one pack of vanilla! I come from a household of 3 power lifters and we go through a substantial amount of vanilla and chocolate protein isolate but we are not willing to invest in changing what we have without the appropriate flavored samples to taste test.

  3. great!

    Posted by on

    Good variety, good taste, fast shipping. Would buy again!

  4. great flavour and texture

    Posted by on

    Great !!

  5. Good sample

    Posted by on

    great protein good taste no bad to say about this product and the shaker bottle is just perfect.

  6. nice tester

    Posted by on

    good selection, was hoping for all the flavours but got doubles of the same flavour

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