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Want a 20$ Gift Card?

Protein Co.

Want a $20 Gift Card?

Write a Proteinco review and qualify for a $20 credit on your next order!

People just like you want to read what you have to say about Proteinco supplements. We need your help and we are willing to make it worth your time.  If you are looking to read Proteinco Reviews, follow the links at the bottom where you should find what others have written. Many customers have written a Proteinco Review on our website as well so check the right side of each product page to find them.

Here are some important instructions, places to post and the FREE stuff we are willing to give you in return.


  • Please start your review with Proteinco Review – This is important as people are searching for Proteinco Review so starting your post this way will help them find what you wrote
  • DON’T put our URL in the post. Most forums don’t allow this and your post will be rejected. Do include Proteinco and Proteinco Canada as often as you like when it makes sense to use our name
  • Write honest feedback from your personal experience with our supplements. We feel our shipping time is second to none so mention that as well if you have been amazed with the shipping times
  • Send the URL of your review to us HERE  We will review it to make sure it wasn’t rejected and send you codes and any FREE stuff you qualify for as well


  • Earn $20 in credit when you post a Facebook review:
  • Posting enters you into every drawing we have for FREE stuff. You could win a FREE pair of custom socks if you hurry and post your review


Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding how or where to post your Proteinco Review. If you are looking for supplement reviews for what we offer and you can't find any, send us an e-mail and we will point you in the right direction.

All you have to do is send link to your review via e-mail to info@proteinco.ca by june 30th to be earn the $20 credit

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