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Protein Co.

Third Party Testing

Along with our own internal tests, ProteinCo Canada utilizes independent testing laboratories to confirm our findings. This additional layer of security is worth the added expense. This two pronged approach is the only way we can state our supplements are 100% pure and potent.

Why use an independent testing laboratory too?

ProteinCo Canada is a complete nutritional supplement manufacturing company. We do everything from sourcing raw materials, testing them for purity, researching the best formulations, and manufacturing the final product. Independent testing facilities do one thing, test raw ingredients for purity. While we trust our testing procedures, having another set of eyes that engages in testing solely, double checks our work. Additionally, they are in the leading edge of technology advancements, often utilizing new and more sophisticated testing equipment we may not know about yet.

How do they add to testing done internally?

These independent facilities are certified by many consumer protection agencies such as the USDA, FDA, and Health Canada. They adhere to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and are certified as such. The certifications are specific to testing procedures designed to check for purity and the absence of biological toxins. Knowing this added layer of testing and certifying exists gives us peace of mind with all our Supplements Canada and it should do the same for you.

Who is the most trusted independent testing laboratory?

There is no single independent laboratory that we trust to do all of our testing. In order to cover all our bases regarding potential impurities and toxins, we choose the best possible laboratories for several broad categories. Certain impurities require more state of the art equipment and knowledge of the specific toxin we are testing for. We’ve found it’s best to utilize the leaders in several categories to develop our “team” of consumer advocates. You pay for the purest supplements that are of the highest quality, so we never cut corners to deliver on our promise.



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