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Premium Quality

Protein Co.

Superior Quality & Purity

ProteinCo Canada believes our supplements are superior due to our commitment to quality and our attention to detail. We have been driven to producing the purest, highest quality studies from our own personal needs. Our owners and staff all use our supplements as well as we weren’t encouraged by what we saw on the market. The result was our company that now manufactures superior quality nutritional supplements for ourselves and all other Canadian consumers.

Our supplement research and development includes sourcing only the best nutrients from suppliers with the reputation for quality. For example, with all our Canadian Protein supplements we use only USA and Canada companies who are certified and recognized by the nutrition industry as leaders in providing only the best ingredients. Our core process for developing each supplement from start to finish includes:

    1. Raw ingredients sourced from companies known for their superior testing and supply methods;
    2. Internal testing as a second layer of protection against tainted raw ingredients. Every supplement is 100% free of substances banned by WADA and the IOC, guaranteed;
    3. Every facility is cGMP compliant and certified, typically among several other certifications;
    4. These pure raw materials are then and only then combined synergistically for maximum effectiveness;
    5. Finished products are used, tested and critiqued by ProteinCo staff and professional athletes so every consumer knows they are getting the quality products they expect.

Our core beliefs and production methods are the foundation for our supplement purity and quality. For those who demand the absolute finest quality products that over deliver on promises, ProteinCo can be your trusted nutritional supplement company every time.



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