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Premium Quality

Protein Co.

Quality Ingredients Guarantee

You won’t ever encounter an ingredient or nutrient in our supplements that are sourced from notoriously poor quality countries. We only use reputable suppliers in the USA and Canada. This gives us an extra layer of confidence that the final product will be of the utmost purity and quality.

We couple this with additional layers of quality control on our end. This is done to make absolutely certain you get the quality you have come to expect from every Proteinco Canada nutritional supplement we sell.


This is perhaps the most important stage in the manufacturing process for all or nutritional supplements. Without passing our standards and tests, BEFORE it’s used as a supplement ingredient, it doesn’t get near our production line. Each Amino Acids Canada raw ingredient must be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis that further proves the purity and quality we ask for. Every step of the way, quality control is assured by adhering to strict Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards of excellence. Additional tests and inspections are conducted by our laboratories and scientific team, where they give the green light for each raw ingredient to proceed to the next step on the way to becoming a Proteinco Canada supplement.

We are successful in purchasing pure, high quality raw ingredients due to:
  • Trusted Suppliers

    Most people have experienced inferior quality products at some point in their lives. We know how frustrating it is to invest time and money into something, only to have your expectations smashed to pieces. We all gravitate toward the advertised “deal” as we keep hoping the money savings will be worth it. Especially with supplements, you can’t afford to take that risk with your commitment of time and money, and more importantly, your health. For this reason, Proteinco Canada only sources ingredients from suppliers we know and trust.

  • Certificates Of Quality

    Our suppliers must meet certain specifications demanded by Proteinco Canada to even start business with us. They must have a reputation for purity and quality, backed up by certifications and documentation standard to the highest quality industry standards. We look for certifications such as cGMP, FDA, USDA and Health Canada to name a few. Many of our suppliers are also certified by consumer advocates like NSF International and the Natural Products Association (NPA). The benefit to consumers is strict testing procedures, assuring you only put in your body what is expected with other foods you eat. After all, nutritional supplements are food, just in a different form than what most people consume.

  • Raw Ingredients From United States And Canada Suppliers Only

    We only use trusted and well known suppliers based in the U.S. and Canada. This doesn’t mean that every raw ingredient comes from these countries. Other world sources are utilized at the discretion of these companies. They in turn are held to Proteinco Canada standards of quality however. They know we demand the purest and highest quality raw ingredients so they wouldn’t ever use sources that weren’t reputable and trusted on their end. We put our trust in them to do this job because they have earned our trust through years of flawless deliveries of excellence that we demand and expect.

  • We Aren’t Obsessed, Just Thorough

    We feel there is a line between thorough and obsessive. By keeping this in mind we offer the highest quality supplements at the most affordable prices. The money we spend on quality control has a specific reason. There is a point where we could spend more money, forcing us to raise our prices, without contributing to improved quality and effectiveness. All quality control processes the ProteinCo undertakes are purposeful and verified for validity.


Because we pay such close attention from the beginning, we know with 100% certainty Proteinco Canada nutritional supplements will deliver unequaled performance. Quality control is a major part of every day here at Proteinco.ca. We never relax and take purity and quality for granted. We continually monitor and adjust our processes and facilities to be as efficient as possible with our quality assurance. This equates to pure supplements at the best possible prices.



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