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Proteinco Canada Glutamine Guide

The most abundant amino acid in your body is L-Glutamine. Most of this is stored in your muscles. During times of stress or trauma, your body may not make enough glutamine meaning a supplement can be useful in many instances. While L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, it is considered conditionally essential since there are times your body won't produce enough to meet your needs. Glutamine is critical for helping you in a number of ways making it one of the best supplements to take by nearly every Canadian consumer.

Glutamine plays many roles in your body so you want to assure you have enough to meet whatever your needs are. Stress, intense athletic training and trauma from injury or surgery are all situations where it becomes necessary to supplement with Glutamine. Glutamine helps repair damaged muscle tissue from hard training efforts. Hard training depletes muscle stores of L-Glutamine which can slow recovery time. Consuming a supplement that contains 3-4 grams of glutamine immediately following training can drastically reduce recovery time. If you have had a surgery or been involved in an accident where significant trauma has been experienced, you should absolutely consume glutamine during your recovery. It can dramatically speed the healing process from any trauma you experience of this nature. A glutamine supplement is one of the most prescribed remedies for ulcers and other stomach ailments. Glutamine helps strengthen and repair the lining of your stomach. A healthy gut lining is one of the keys to overall good health.

Depending on your age, timing of glutamine supplementation can change for maximum effectiveness. Anyone younger than 40 seems to do well taking glutamine soon after waking. Older athletes have experienced better growth hormone release by taking glutamine just before bed on an empty stomach. An additional dose either alone or mixed with whey protein powders or other powdered supplements is recommended for immediately following hard training or racing. Everyone is slightly different so experimenting until you find the right dosage and timing is the best advice.

One of the highest sources of L-Glutamine is grass fed beef. Whey Protein from these sources are also very high in glutamine if they are undenatured. Our New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate is in this category. If you look at the supplement facts, you will notice there is a whopping 8.6 grams of glutamine per serving that is naturally occurring. This makes our New Zealand Isolate one of the best recovery drinks you can possibly consume. We also sell Glutamine Powder alone that is unflavored so you can easily add it to any other powdered mix you use. As you can see, almost anyone in Canada is a good candidate for Glutamine supplements. If you have a hard time recovering from your training, you experience stomach ailments frequently or you have had surgery or been involved in an accident, you should definitely start taking glutamine right away. Anyone else not is this category should try Glutamine Powder as it's very economical and could help you in ways you don't realize.

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