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Proteinco Canada Arginine Guide

Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that is considered conditionally essential at times. While your body makes arginine from nutrients you consume through foods and drinks, it can be depleted from a variety of trauma. As well, your body may not produce as much arginine as you need in certain circumstances. The most commonly used form in supplements is L-Arginine. The salt of this amino acid is also used and called Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG). Arginine ethyl ester is the third form you can find in supplements.

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The main reason bodybuilders in Canada and other weight trainers use Arginine is supplement form is for its' ability to dilate blood vessels by helping to release more Nitric Oxide (NO2) into the bloodstream. The chemical formula is NO in reality but the common designation is NO2 as it's easier to discern from the word no. When more nitric oxide is produced, athletes often call it the NO2 "Pump". This term comes from feeling the surge in blood flow to the muscles that facilitates more power and strength during each contraction. The question often asked is "Why don't they just take nitric oxide?" NO2 is a gas so it would have to be administered by a physician if that is even possible. By opening up your blood vessels prior to a workout, you essentially eliminate warm up time and transport more oxygen and nutrients to working muscles. While many foods contain Arginine, the best way to increase NO2 release is from consuming it in supplement form. The reason is you know exactly how much Arginine you are consuming with each dose so you can adjust according to your body type and training intensity.

Reducing or eliminating warm up time using pre workout supplements is the goal of the NO2 pump. Arginine has been shown to be very effective at producing this "pump" allowing athletes to do more work from the start of each training session. Another way to help dilate blood vessels and reduce warm up time is to avoid ALL fat intake pre workout. It takes at least 3 hours for any type of ingested fat to stop having a negative effect on blood flow. Nuts, seeds, avocados and most dairy products contain fat so be cautious of these along with all the usual suspects. If you feel like you need a calorie boost pre workout, Whey Protein Isolate mixed with water is your best choice.

Taking Arginine 30-60 minutes before working out is generally accepted as the best timing. The best absorption is obtained by taking arginine supplements on an empty stomach. Therefore, consume any arginine supplement at least 30 minutes before eating or at least 2 hours afterwards. You can take arginine supplements up to 3 times per day if desired. Taking 3-5 grams before you eat breakfast, prior to working out and late in the evening before bedtime may increase the amount nitric oxide you produce. Experiment with different dosages and timing until you find what works best for you. By using a supplement that contains Arginine, you are likely to boost your training efforts to new heights. When you can workout longer at the highest intensity, while simultaneously carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, you can help but feel the "pump!"

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