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Protein Co.

Protein Spiking

Are you buying a spiked whey protein?

With ProteinCo you never have to worry about protein spiking.

What we have known for years is just been revealed to the public. In response to cost-savvy shoppers and ever increasing cost of of raw whey protein, some of the players in the industry have found a way to keep prices low by adding amino acids to their whey proteins.

If the whey protein blend or whey protein isolate that you have been buying has that kind of ingredients listed on the label, you are probably scammed.

First and foremost, at proteinCo, we have a hard time understanding why one would want to buy a whey protein with added ingredients such as taurine, glycine, creatine, glutamine, BCCA’s, CLA and so on. When you buy any of our proteins, you are getting nothing but the protein. We do not add any of those ingredients to products called Whey protein Isolate, Whey protein Blend and New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate.

Protein spiking is actually cheating. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, we cannot list which brand of protein powders on the market today in canada use nitrogen spiking to trick you, but we know that there are lots of them.

We are so confident about the integrity of our products that we dare anyone (even our competitors) to analyze our protein in an independent lab.

Each of our ProteinCo protein contains 100% real protein and no additional ingredients to boost the amino acid profile.



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