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Premium Quality

Protein Co.

High-Quality Manufacturing

ProteinCo Canada is devoted to formulating, manufacturing and selling only the highest quality, most scientifically researched and developed nutritional supplements possible. We work too hard to have our science destroyed by low quality manufacturing processes. Manufacturing starts and finishes the same way EVERY time to protect our laboratory formulas. This results in Supplements Canada that contain everything we claim and nothing else. We follow strict and rigorous guidelines and testing procedures following cGMP and GLP standards for purity and quality. The result is every single ProteinCo nutritional supplement is a pharmaceutical grade product that works better and gives consumers more piece of mind than any other supplement on the market today.

Sourced and manufactured in the USA and Canada only

All ProteinCo Canada nutritional supplement raw ingredients are only sourced from reputable companies in Canada or America or completely “Made In Canada”. This doesn’t mean we only package and sell in these locations however. As well,it’s possible other countries could meet our stringent guidelines for purity and quality in the future. For now, we can ensure peace of mind to consumers by providing the purest and highest quality ingredients from the most trusted countries in the world, the USA and Canada.

Quality Control procedures

ProteinCo Canada goes to great lengths to assure our products deliver the highest quality every time. Regular checks are done at our manufacturing facilities to inspect and certify the quality control standards we put in place are being followed to the letter. Staff members undergo regular training and testing so we can trust they are following our procedures for quality control.

Certified Procedures

Our manufacturing plants are certified and meet or exceed standards for Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). In addition, we are certified by Health Canada as a supplier of pure and safe nutritional supplements. These are procedures and guidelines ProteinCo follows voluntarily to protect consumers and the integrity of our nutritional supplements. We are committed to offering only the purest, highest quality and most trusted brand of supplements you can find anywhere. When you see the ProteinCo logo, you know it is synonymous with superior quality every time.



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