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General Health Guide

At Proteinco Canada, we work to help support overall good health and not just try to boost athletic performance with supplement use. We offer a wide variety of nutritional supplements that supports general health to augment popular products like Whey Protein and Creatine powders popular with Canadian athletes. There are a few key areas of general health that everyone should pay attention to in our opinion. Here are some key general health topics that we support with all natural supplements:

Not only is excess weight unappealing visually, it's an indication of poor diet choices in most instances. Before you can embark on a healthier food consumption routine that keeps your weight in a healthy range, you need to lose those excess pounds first. This becomes more difficult with age as hormone changes can be difficult to predict and react to. While we don't advocate direct hormone intervention, there are some supplements and foods that can help you regulate better naturally. This is a list of some of our most popular Canadian weight loss supplements with a brief explanation of their purpose. Be sure to read more about each supplement listed by going to the product detail page. Simply click on the name or image from any page and it will take you directly to the detail page.

Carnitine Capsules Great for helping you burn more body fat for energy when you exercise Deep Sleep Aid Capsules If you don't sleep soundly through the night, this can be adversely affecting your attempts to lose weight. Deep Sleep Aid helps you get back into a better sleep pattern which can be a hidden reason for having difficulty shedding those pounds DIM Capsules An excellent hormone regulator for both men and women Fat Burner Capsules Formulated specifically to help you burn away excess body fat by boosting metabolism and helping diminish appetite Fenugreek Complex Capsules An often overlooked weight loss supplement that has proven to be very effective for many people in Canada. Fenugreek helps boost your metabolism through the better regulation of blood sugar Omega 3 EPA-DHA Softgels The "good" source of fat your body needs to help you burn more body fat Synephrine Capsules An ephedra class stimulant that is more gentle so it's safe and effective Workout Caffeine Releases fat cells into the blood stream where they can be burned during exercise Leucine Powder The only effective way to burn deep visceral fat stores that can't be reached any other way

As you can see, we have a good number of weight loss supplements to choose from. The question often asked is "Which one do I start with?" Select 1 or 2 that seem to fit your situation best and use them for 3-4 weeks to see what benefits you notice. If you feel you need additional support from a weight loss supplement, either add or change one at a time until you have found 2-3 that work best for you.

Regardless of how healthy you think you eat, you are most likely vitamin deficient in one way or another. Due to the soil being depleted of nutrients by large scale farming that is so prevalent these days, you most likely need to supplement your diet to assure you are getting all the needed vitamins and minerals each day. When you exercise you deplete even more nutrients making it even more important. This is a minimum list of nutritional support supplements you should consider taking on a regular basis:

Multivitamin Capsules This is the cheapest health insurance you can buy and something you should take on a regular basis if nothing else Vitamin D3 Capsules Especially since most Canadians don't get enough direct sun exposure most of the year, Vitamin D3 is a must. Having a vitamin D deficiency has been shown to be the cause of many ailments and health problems Magnesium Citrate Capsules Almost everyone is magnesium deficient. Consuming magnesium in supplement form is something every athlete in Canada should do Zinc Capsules Especially during the winter months, zinc capsules can help bolster your immunity and keep you from getting sick

Be sure to buy one or more of these nutritional support supplements to add to your daily routine. The small cost is worth the improved health and well-being.

Along with your heart, your liver is an organ that is vital to care for. We are all exposed to more environmental and food toxins than we have been in the past. Your liver is the filter for keeping your system clean and running smoothly. Therefore, doing all you can to improve liver health is sensible. Fortunately there are a number of nutrients that can help with liver detox.

Liver Cleanse Capsules Just as the name implies, this is a specific liver cleanse formula that is a great starting point for everyone MSM Powder An excellent chelate of heavy metals which is found in most ocean fish these days Psyllium Husk Capsules Effectively "sweeps" toxins from your body acting like a sponge and broom combination for your body N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) Capsules A primary ingredient in our Liver Cleanse supplement, additional NAC should be considered, especially if you consume alcoholic drinks regularly Calcium D Glucarate Great for riding your body of toxins and cleansing your liver this ISN'T a calcium supplement

We continue to research new nutrients and formulas that can offer effective general health support for everyone. Keep checking back under the General Health category as new supplements are added regularly. In the meantime, if you haven't tried some of the supplements listed here, your overall health can most likely be improved with the addition of one or more of these to your regular supplement routine. Proteinco Canada is confident you will feel better, have more energy and experience more motivation to exercise and be more active when you do.

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