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Energy Boosting Guide

Despite on the marketing hype in Canada, energy doesn't come in a can. So called "sports drinks" full of stimulants and sugars only temporarily make you feel more energetic. If you rely on these to make you feel more energetic, you most likely experience a crash to energy levels much lower than they were when you reached for this crutch. REAL energy comes from your body being more efficient at functioning on the cellular level. The bottom line is key nutrients and regular exercises are the magic cures to low energy levels. Anyone who consumes animal based foods primarily is likely to experience low energy much more than vegetarians and those who eat more plant based foods. This is because it takes a lot of energy for your body to digest and breakdown animal based foods. Without reverting to being a vegan, there are some things you can do to boost energy naturally.

There are a number of key nutrients for boosting energy naturally. You are looking to help your body function as efficiently as possible. Eating the wrong foods and not getting enough energy boosting nutrients can make you feel perpetually tired. These are some of the top energy boosting nutrients: Omega 3 Fatty Acids Vegetable Protein Lipoic Acid Carnitine Magnesium Zinc.
Your thyroid is one of the most important glands for assuring proper energy production. If you suffer from degraded thyroid function, you can experience almost perpetual fatigue. The most important nutrient for supporting good thyroid health is zinc. Supplementing with zinc has been shown to return thyroid function to normal in people with degraded function. Zinc is one of the minerals that can be toxic if overdone so more isn't better in this case. Always use zinc as outlined in the usage instructions.
Any mild form of exercise is great for boosting energy. Intense training can exhaust you further and cause you to be deficient in key nutrients. Walking, cycling, swimming, paddling and light gym work can all be energizing, especially after a long day at work. Exercising for even 10-15 minutes both before and after work can boost energy levels significantly. Just be sure not to overdo it and you will boost energy production within your body all day long.
  • Go For A Walk – Even walking around the block each day can energize your body and mind. Walking immediately after work when you are most tired will revive you for late day activities

  • Eat Power Snacks – Snack regularly throughout the day on vegetables mostly and occasionally fruits, nuts and seeds. Stay away from sugary snacks and simple carbs like chips and crackers

  • Avoid Carbs For Lunch – Eating a high carbohydrate lunch is a sure way to crash at about 2 in the afternoon. Eating a big mixed vegetable salad with olive oil, vinegar and avocado is ideal. Stay away from bottled dressing that typically contain a lot of sugar

  • Consume Less Sugar And More Plant Foods - Raw vegetables of as many colors as you can mix is a great source of all the essential amino acids. This is protein along with phytochemicals that can boost energy like you have never experienced. Rather than the candy, grab a carrot

  • Take Your Vitamins – More and more, commercially grown foods you buy in the grocery stores is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. Taking a high quality multivitamin daily is cheap health insurance and can provide essential energizing nutrients your food is likely lacking

Remember, better energy levels are achieved by helping your body do what it was designed to do. There are no quick remedies like that energy drink full of stimulants, artificial coloring and sugar or high fructose corn syrup. It takes a bit of extra effort to re-energize your body with a new routine. It's worth it in the long run though when you realize the energy of your youth once again.

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