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Maximum Performance

Protein Co.

Effective and Easy-to-use

Effective due to synergistic formulation

At ProteinCo Canada we take great care to throughly research and develop every supplement we manufacture. This is the only way to produce the effective formulas you have come to know and trust from us. Only by understading which ingredients compliment each other, can a company manufacture the best nutrional supplement possible. ProteinCo Canada understands this as well as anyone. In addition, we never cut corners by using low quality ingredients that would degrade how effective dietary supplements can be. When you buy a supplement from us, you always know you are getting more than your money's worth.

Easy To Use by Design

The best supplements in the world don't do you any good sitting in your cupboard. Making each supplement as easy to use as possible is something we here at ProteinCo work hard on. Our Whey Protein powders for example are instantized so they mix faster and more completely. We have also developed the ProteinCo Canada Nutrition System to take the quess work out of when and how much to take of one supplement or another. Our hope is you use our guidelines to develop a supplementing protocol that becomes a habit no different than making that morning cup of coffee or tea. We take feedback and testimonials seriously and that translates directly to easier to use supplements Canada.



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