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Maximum Performance

Protein Co.

Developed & Tested By Experts

Tested for AthletesProper nutrition is the key to getting all you can from your body and the training where you invest so much time and effort. We approach the every product formulation scientifically and methodically. Our research and development team spends many weeks finding the best ingredients and then combining them in the most effective combination. Today, every athlete must use technology to enhance their training or they won’t ever be competitive. At ProteinCo, we stay abreast of the latest technology and utilize tested and safe ingredients to give you that scientific edge you are looking for and require. ProteinCo Sports Nutrition line provides fast and targeted support for athletic performance gains. Our synergistic nutritional supplements are designed to meet the demanding needs of performance oriented athletes.

The ProteinCo Nutrition System

In co-operation with top level athletes, scientists and nutritionists, we have developed ProteinCo’s Nutrition System. Our easy to follow program guide facilitates quick and easy choosing of the supplements you require for specific goals. The ideal time to use each product is depicted by our graphic standardized for every product we sell.

Before -> During -> After -> Daily

This makes it easy for you to know when each supplement should be used for maximum performance. In addition, we include tips on mixing, personalizing, and using all product we sell to help you meet precise training goals.



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