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Protein Co.


ProteinCo Canada nutritional supplements feature specialized formulas designed to support training and nutrition goals at every level of an athlete's regimen:

  • For bodybuilders who want to build size & lean mass;
  • For power lifters and other strength athletes who want lean, powerful and explosive muscles;
  • For performance sport athletes who desire strength, speed and efficient muscle gain, such as football, soccer, rugby and hockey players;
  • For endurance athletes who require the longest lasting energy supplements possible;
  • For the everyday fitness enthusiast looking to build a lean, aesthetically pleasing physique;
  • For those needing energy and supporting supplements due to the rigors of everyday life and active lifestyles.

We are proud of our reputation as a premium brand that focuses on delivering the highest quality, purest nutritional products. We are committed to delivering value, quality and results with every supplement we manufacture and sell.

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Tested By Scientists, Used By Athletes

Tested for AthletesProteinCo Canada nutritional supplements were developed in collaboration with sports scientists, nutrition experts, trainers and pro athletes. We follow a tailor-made concept based on the essential needs of athletes, resulting in effective aids to increased performance.

ProteinCo Canada Nutrition System facilitates energy production needed before, during and after training and competition, promoting optimum recovery. Supplements designed for daily consumption are indicated as such. The four phases are depicted clearly and simply on the packaging, thus making it easy for the consumer to select the correct products and make the best possible use of them.

Experienced performance athletes confirm that these products are highly effective. They are also easy to use, tasty and well tolerated. All the products in the ProteinCo Canada sports nutrition range provide targeted, effective support to increase performance for every athletic or active lifestyle pursuit.



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