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Whey Protein Powder Canada

Protein Co.
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Whey Protein Powder Canada


Your online source for the top rated whey protein in 2012 is definitely ProteinCo in Canada. One of the reasons is because when you desire to consume more protein, whey powders can be one of the best choices available. Whey protein Canada reviews continue to point toward our supplements as leaders in the industry. Compare whey protein from ProteinCo Canada and you’ll soon find out why. Our supplement line leads the way in performance, quality, taste and value. This is partly due to our whey factory direct model. We manufacture and sell directly to Canadian consumers to reduce middleman costs. The result is higher quality protein whey powder at drastically reduced prices. You’ll always find the lowest prices at ProteinCo in Canada.

Our top selling protein supplement so far in 2012 is Whey Protein Isolate. This is largely due to the quality, price and taste. You won’t find a better tasting protein whey isolate from WPI 90 anywhere. At 90% protein percentage per serving, it’s one of the highest concentrations you will find anywhere. We also sell several other types of whey protein Canada. Whey Protein Blend is a sweeter, more dessert like protein than many bodybuilders prefer. Weight Gain Protein is popular with athletes playing hockey and football as well as other looking to gain weight for a specific purpose. Both of these formulas contain one or both types of whey protein from WPI 90 and WPC 80.

ProteinCo is therefore a leader in Canada for the best whey protein powders money can buy./p>


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