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Whey Canada


When you are looking for the best whey Canada, we are a leader in protein potency and value. Our 2012 top rated Whey Protein Isolate is one perfect example. Many athletes into bodybuilding and other muscle intensive activities have come to rely on ProteinCo supplements Canada. The reason is simple. We manufacture and sell the highest quality whey protein available. We have combined WPI 90 with other natural ingredients to formulate the highest quality Canada whey supplement we could. The results speak for themselves as the ProteinCo Canada reviews keep pouring in ranting and raving about our performance and taste. When it comes to the best Canadian whey powders, Proteinco.ca leads the way and should quickly become your go to online resource.

While our Whey Protein Isolate 90% is the highest protein percentage you can get per serving, we have other choices available that may better meet your needs. Depending on your athletic or active lifestyle goals, you may want to consider other types of whey Canada. Whey Protein Blend contains a higher amount of fat and carbohydrates per serving. The amounts are still low compared to the protein percentage since it’s a lesser processed form of Canada whey. As long as you aren’t completely lactose intolerant, this may be a better choice for you than isolate as it’s in more of a natural form. Weight Gain Protein is another option for getting protein from whey Canada. It contains a good amount of protein combined with more fat and carbohydrates. It’s ideal for athletes like hockey players looking to build muscle mass and gain weight.

You’ll always find the best whey protein online when you shop here for ProteinCo supplements Canada!


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