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Triathlon Supplements

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Triathlon Supplements


The amount of training it takes to be a triathlete, even for just a sprint triathlon, requires better recovery support than almost any other sport. Sports nutrition is critical to you being able to realize your goals in any length triathlon. Once you get to the half ironman distance, you are well aware of how important a recovery drink is for example. Being able to train hard day after day demands a nutritional supplement line that can keep pace with you. ProteinCo Canada offers a thorough line of the best dietary supplements on the market to help you achieve all you envision. Our supplements Canada line in particular, is a must have for you to assist your body with toxin removal so you don’t feel over trained and completely flat on hard training and racing days. Purchase a variety of products to dial in your pre workout nutritional needs and your post workout recovery.

Amino Recovery

Is a cheap way to ensure post workout results. By providing key nutrients such as glutamine and electrolytes, you recover faster so you can train harder next time.


Assists with muscle recovery which facilitates faster muscle gain and body size. This amino acid can promote growth hormone (HGH) release which is a key to building muscle faster.

Omega 3

Counters the common over consumption of Omega 6. This inexpensive fish oil supplement pays back your body with healthy EPA and DHA for natural anti-inflammatory benefits.

Waxy Maize

Is a fast absorbing carbohydrate to energize your triathlon workouts. Added to other mass gainers such as whey powder, it can offer more complete nutritional power to build muscle and size better and faster.


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