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Time of Day Choices

There are many benefits to knowing which protein is the best choice for a particular time of day. Overall, it’s not so critical that you should obsess about it however. Follow these guidelines and don’t worry too much if things don’t work out exactly according to plan. As always, stick to what appears to be working for you and then adjust as necessary a little bit at a time. Eventually you will have the routine down where the timing of your choices works the best for your specific goals and body type.

Early Morning

For most of us, right when you wake up is the time of day where you have gone the longest without consuming calories. Your body is ripe for absorbing calories and nutrients at this crucial time in our daily lives. All too frequently, people either don’t feel like eating so they skip eating all together early in the morning or they are too rushed to take the time to eat. This is the PERFECT time to utilize a protein supplement. Most powders mix well with fruit and juice so you can make a quick meal to take on the go that is packed with calories and nutrients. Our WHEY CONCENTRATE is ideal for this situation. It contains some carbohydrates and fat that add calories making your morning meal shake a complete start to an active person’s day.

Snack Times

Most people have been conditioned to think we should eat three times a day - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Coupled with demands on our time, this typically results in the majority of calories in your day being consumed between 7-9pm. This is precisely the WRONG way to go about a healthy diet and protein intake program. If you consume the right types of calories, you can consume them at various times during the day as snacks to satisfy you and benefit your body in a number of ways. For instance, consuming protein supplements in small doses 4-6 times per day will help keep your amino acids topped off throughout the day assisting with energy production and muscle mass gains. It also assists in keeping your metabolism going which in turn will be keep that unwanted fat gain away. Try our VEGETABLE PROTEIN a time or two at snack times for flavor and amino variety.

Before Your Workout

One of the keys to how effective your workout will be is how quickly you warm up. If it takes you a long time to get warmed up, you will burn fewer calories and get less benefit from specific goals of that training session. A little known key to helping you warm up is lack of FAT intake 3 or more hours before you workout. Our fat free WHEY ISOLATE is your protein powder of choice for this purpose. Keep this in mind for meshing your calorie consumption with the time of day you typically workout. For example, you’d want to delay your high calorie, fat containing morning or breakfast smoothie or meal if you like to workout early in the day. By avoiding fat consumption for 3-4 hours prior to your workout, you will enhance your bodies ability to release nitric oxide, allowing your blood vessels to dilate quickly resulting in very short warm up times. All the scientific proof you will need to back this up is to try it. This can be a secret weapon that not many people know about!

After Your Workout

The timing of your calories as well as the caloric makeup can greatly enhance your recovery following a workout or competition. This is the time of day where you can consume the kitchen sink of calorie sources. From IMMEDIATELY following your workout up to about 3 hours following, is your window of opportunity. Our RECOVERY DRINK is specifically formulated to assist your body in maximizing this recovery window. Most days, drinking a recovery drink as soon as possible after your workout will be sufficient to enhance your recovery and keep you satisfied until you next meal. Your hardest workouts may demand an additional time or two after your workout. If you want to maximize your recovery drink intake, let’s say for the week leading up to a competition, consume a serving or two immediately after your workout, then again at the 90 minute and 3 hour mark. Supplementing this with a light meal or a snack in between that consists of healthy foods in good variety, should ensure you are getting the most out of your workout or ready to crush the competition on event day.

Late Evening

Preparing for the “fasting” time of day, which is the longest period you go without consuming calories - sleeping - by consuming some calories can be very helpful. For those in heavy training, it can also be critical as your body needs those additional calories and your sleep may be interrupted due to being hungry in the middle of the night. The ProteinCo has formulated MICELLAR CASEIN for consuming late in the day or just before you go to bed. It’s a slow digesting and slower acting protein source so it’s a sort of “time release” protein and calorie supplement while you sleep. Casein is another type of milk protein so along with its slow acting properties, it’s giving you additional protein intake variety to complete your day’s protein profile.

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