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Swimming Supplements

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Swimming Supplements


Are you ready to take your swimming workouts to a new level? If so, ProteinCo Canada can help you get there with sports nutrition supplements like protein powder, electrolytes and recovery drinks. Anyone who has ever done intervals to improve VO2 max, has experienced firsthand how demanding that can be. Don't rely on so called energy drinks to get you through your training. Without proper hydration from a properly formulated sports drink pre workout and post workout, you’ll take longer to recover from the most intense efforts especially. For those workouts to help you swim faster, you must recover as quickly as possible so you are ready for the next hard training session. Essential fatty acids from omega oils will help your joints stay loose and keep your skin from being so dry from your time in the pool. Swimmers of all ages will appreciate our supplements Canada line for all it can do to maximize your performance gains and keep you healthy, strong and fast!

Amino Recovery

Is a cheap way to ensure post workout results. By providing key nutrients such as glutamine and electrolytes, you recover faster so you can train harder next time.


Assists with muscle recovery which facilitates faster muscle gain and body size. This amino acid can promote growth hormone (HGH) release which is a key to building muscle faster.

Omega 3

Counters the common over consumption of Omega 6. This inexpensive fish oil supplement pays back your body with healthy EPA and DHA for natural anti-inflammatory benefits.

Waxy Maize

Is a fast absorbing carbohydrate to energize your swimming workouts. Added to other mass gainers such as whey powder, it can offer more complete nutritional power to build muscle and size better and faster.

Workout Caffeine

Stimulates fat release into your bloodstream where it can be burned and used for energy. Using this supplement is an economical way to boost your focus and motivate you pre workout.


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