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Supplements Canada Review

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Proteinco Review #1 - "So I just wanted to say that you guys are honestly amazing! I came across this site, and decided to give it a go. honestly, I thought it would be like every other whey powder and I would hate it. I can not stand the taste of most protein powder, but boy was I in for a surprise!! I got the sample packs and ordered a 5lb of unflavoured and you guys live up to your name! I actually liked all the flavours! And talk about speedy delivery! usually it takes a couple of weeks to come, but it was only 2 days! I will definitely be recommending you to everybody I know! Thank you for coming out with something so fantastic! I am so happy I actually have options now! SO thank you! you guys are honestly the best company!" Yours Truly, A VERY happy customer :)

Proteinco Review #2 - I've been in contact with you a few times over the last several weeks and I'm just writing you to let you know that once again your products have surpassed my expectations. I just received my order of Grape BCAA's, Dextrose Powder, and Maltodextrin Powder. Amazing prices, Grape BCAA's are amazing tasting (just like the Punch) and again, very happy with the lack of crappy and shady ingredients found in many BCAA's like Aminocore by Allmax or Cellucor's BCAA supplement. My post workout Maltodextrin/Dextrose shake was great after an intense MMA class and TRX workout. Insanely cheap as well compared to other brands on the market (I work at a supplement shop so I see a ton of the maddeningly overpriced products all of the time). I've never tried Dextrose or Maltodextrin before as I've always stuck with Waxy Maize but I'm not really content with the limited data on Waxy Maize for an immediate post workout carb so I'm leaving that for other times of the day and using the much more researched Malto + Dextrose mix that you guys sell for my post workout shake. I've already talked a few of my buddies into checking out your stuff and keeping away from garbage brands on the market and we're all impressed. I'll likely write you back in a few weeks or so to give you more feedback on my personal experiences with those carbs, but I will say that I'm very enthusiastic about adding these supplements to my stack.Thanks for the great products"

When it comes to quality, value and results, we challenge you to find another product that compares to each of our supplements. The reviews are pouring in all over the internet, pushing us to be one of the top rated Canadian supplement companies in 2014.


supplementscanada.com coupon- Supplements-Canada-Coupon-www.Proteinco.ca

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