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Believe it or not, the supplement industry is largely unregulated. The upside to that is you get access to practically every nutrient on the planet at affordable prices. The downside is many companies prey on consumer confusion, often taking people’s money with a poorly designed supplement. Fortunately, you have found ProteinCo and have come to trust our supplements as pure, high quality, effective nutritional support.

Every supplement we formulate and eventually offer to you is always thoroughly researched and developed. The number of nutrients in the world that can be effective dietary support is extensive. However, just because an ingredient has supporting studies to back some claims, utilizing it for supplemental purposes can’t be haphazard. At ProteinCo, we voluntarily work long and hard to assure every ingredient in every product we sell is pure, safe, and the most synergistic and effective it can possibly be. We take pride in being able to offer you natural supplements that meet or exceed pharmaceutical quality, purity and safety.


ProteinCo’s science team is respected and admired for being leaders in the field of nutrition. Their genius lies in the manner in which they approach every ingredient and every formula. We mention over and over that we design our supplements where EVERY ingredient is synergistic with every other one. This means the nutrients themselves have to play nice together first and foremost. Where our R&D groups shines over the rest though, is with their uncanny ability to understand the quantity of each ingredient is just as important as the type of ingredient for optimal synergy.

Formulated in a methodical and purposeful manner

There is nothing random about how our supplements are formulated. Each step leading up to the finished product is planned and methodical for a reason. Our research experts are renowned scientists who approach their work in a very scientific manner. Therefore, they have earned the reputation as the best supplement formulators in the industry. The work they do is trusted and respected by athletes, coaches, trainers and sport governing bodies all around the globe.

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ProteinCo’s Research and Development Experts

The goal of our research and development team is to formulate such high quality supplements, to garner the attention of leaders in the medical field. Due to the reputation of our scientific team, we frequently hear form dieticians, nutritionists, physicians, nurses and holistic medicine specialists. Our team are trusted experts by the most discerning health and medical professionals so we have achieved our goal!

Always on the cutting edge of dietary supplement manufacturing

Our scientific research group never rests on success. The continually monitor the field of nutrition and health to make improvements whenever possible. Just because we develop superior supplements, doesn’t mean they can’t ever be improved. If a new ingredient or tweak can improve the way a particular supplement works, we make that formula change whenever it makes good sense. Additionally, they keep an open mind to completely new ingredients and supplement possibilities. This means the best supplements just keep getting better.


We partner with third party companies and experts as much as possible. This helps with checks and balances and offers an outside opinion and another set of eyes on all we do. The result is constant monitoring of our existing supplements and one great idea after another concerning new supplement development.

Athlete tested and developed to benefit everyone

Having the most demanding consumers test our products and provide feedback translates to high performance nutrition for everyone. First, competitive and professional athletes must use the purest supplements possible to avoid penalties or bans from their sports governing bodies. ProteinCo supplements are 100% pure to assure these athletes never have even a remote worry. This benefits everyone as purity is something nobody should ever have to question. Secondly, the dietary supplement effectiveness must equate to maximum performance and results. Therefore, we know we offer the purest, most effective nutritional supplements on the market.


Because we stay on the cutting edge of supplement improvement and new development, a specific R&D budget is set aside and continuously funded. We do our best to formulate and offer new dietary supplements on a regular basis. We can’t force this however as it takes time to research and develop any new possibility. Promises of a new product on a specified interval should be a red flag to you. You won’t see such promises made here as that results and poorly researched supplements just to meet deadlines and expectations. Rest assured we utilize our research budget in a manner that is consistent with our promises of quality, value and performance.


Due to our voluntary quest for purity, quality and effectiveness, we seek out and welcome independent testing and feedback. Top scientists offer insight relating to raw ingredient effectiveness and purity. They assure we start with the safest raw ingredients that have the best chance of being assimilated in the body. The medical community keeps us on task with continually manufacturing quality supplements that offer the peace of mind found in pharmaceutical medicines. Together, they assure no consumer ever has to worry about how safe and effective ProteinCo supplements are. Every professional industry trusts our company to live up to every one of our promises and so should you.



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