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Safe & Anti-doping Compliant


Drug ScreenedThe World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the benchmark organization for listing what substances are banned and which aren’t. The primary purpose is to keep athletes from getting an advantage over another using performance enhancing supplements. Many of these substances are dangerous to your health as well. By testing for every single banned substance on WADA’s list, ProteinCo Canada protects the athlete’s ability to compete, and more importantly their health, and the health of every consumer of our nutritional supplements.

Our quality control and testing procedures are setup to detect the minutest fraction of impure substances. The means all our supplements as pure and safe as any supplement can be. Small fractions may not seem to be important unless you are a professional or Olympic level athlete. However, even very small quantities of some impurities could pose a serious risk to your health over time. Being 100% certain you are consuming supplements free of toxins, is peace of mind for everyone.

CAUTION: Just because our supplements don’t contain banned substances listed by WADA, doesn’t automatically mean your sport’s governing body doesn’t have stricter rules. Caffeine for instance, is banned by WADA in certain amounts. Your governing body may have a lower limit so please check these details carefully. Ask a coach or sport expert if in doubt before starting to use a new product.


  • Why is it so important to have redundant quality control measures?

    Let’s face it, mistakes can happen. When it comes to purity and quality of your nutritional supplements however, we aren’t going to take any chances. Because of the human aspect, we guard against anything that even has a remote chance of “slipping by” through our multi-tiered approach to quality control. If you are a competitive athlete, allowing even small fractions of impurities to go unnoticed could mean the end to your competitive career. ProteinCo Canada won’t ever allow that to happen. As well, everyone should have the same level of concern regarding supplement purity as professional athletes, because your health is depending on it. Even the minutest fraction of an impurity could be very damaging to your overall health when ingested for years at a time. We won’t take the chance of something unknown adversely affecting your health years from now.

  • Aren’t all those quality controls measures expensive, making my supplements cost more?

    Yes it’s true, in order to bring you superior quality, there is additional cost incurred by our testing procedures. It does add cost that must be passed on to you. We work in other areas to reduce costs however, which means we can still bring you affordable nutritional supplements. Think about it this way too. How much do you think it costs in sick days, health care costs and prescription medications from consuming low quality foods and supplements? Even if our Creatine Canada supplements cost slightly more, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by being healthier and stronger for it.

  • How can I tell that your supplements are 100% safe?

    We will gladly provide you with any documentation you need for your peace of mind that proves our claims. Additionally, any of our certification companies can provide you details of their process as it relates to our supplements. Often you can find all the supporting information you need by clicking on the certification logo that will take you directly to their website.

  • Is EVERY ingredient listed in your supplement or nutrition facts?

    Absolutely! We list every ingredient and the quantities of those ingredients in the nutrition or supplement facts. If we use a proprietary blend, we list the ingredients in those blends individually. You will notice listed quantities of nutrients such as amino acids for example, either with or in addition to the nutrition facts.



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