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Our number one priority is to provide the world's best products and customer service in the supplement industry! Your loyalty to ProteinCo Canada is priceless and we are grateful for the opportunity you've given us to serve you. We appreciate all of your feedback.

Below is a sample of actual ProteinCo Canada customers who haven taken the time to write our company an unsolicited personalized e-mail describing their experience shopping at ProteinCo Canada We look forward to getting feedback from our customers. It helps us to develop better products to enhance your athletic performance and experience. Keep the emails coming!

Thank you for sharing your comments with us! We appreciate having awesome customers like you! If you have shopped with us and want to share your experience, E-mail Us (If you have photos that you would like displayed with your story please include them in your email.)






Review from our customers:

Isaac Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada April 21, 2012

Wanted to say thank you for your prompt shipping, and great quality product. Also thanks for sending me a protein shaker with my order, upon my request. I would like to make ProteinCo my #1 and only shop for protein. Thank you

Jamil Vaughan, Ontario - Canada April 18, 2012 Your customer service is great. I will definitely continue doing business with ProteinCo Canada, and I will definitely recommend your site to all my Shipmates. Thanks!

Mohammad Vernon, British Columbia - Canada April 18, 2012 I just wanted to say thank you for the quick processing and delivery of my order. I used to be a p**s***** and b***********.com customer, but NOT ANYMORE! Do you guys sell t-shirts or something with your company name on it? If so I was going to order some to wear at the gym so when people ask me who my supplement supplier is I don’t have to tell them--ha. Thanks again for the best service on the web. Your loyal ProteinCo Canada customer.

Eric Candiac, Quebec - Canada April 15, 2012 Just like to say Thank You for the speedy delivery and the great tasting Whey Protein. I will be definately ordering from ProteinCo again.

Shaun Windsor, Ontario – Canada April 10, 2012 Just like to say Thank You for the speedy delivery and the great tasting Whey Protein. I will be definately ordering from ProteinCo again.

Remy Quebec – Canada April 10, 2012 Bonjour, J'ai reçu mes 3 protéines Whey ISOLAT (chocolat, vanille, banane) en 24 heures après la commande initiale... Bravo ! Le goût est exceptionnel... probablement et sûrement les meilleures protéines prises à ce jour. Je devrais être de retour dans 3 mois environ... Merci de votre attention à ce message !

Patrick Montreal, Quebec – Canada March 26, 2012 I just received my order from you guys. I was very nervous as I've had bad experiences with protein powders before when it comes to taste and shakeability. Your whey blend rocks!! It's the perfect amount of sweetness and NO CLUMPS!!! fantastic..you guys will definitely be my number one protein source! thanks again! fantastic product & prices!!

Anastasia St-Constant, Quebec – Canada March 13, 2012 I thought I found a new site that had you beat with cost and shipping on Pure Whey Protein Isolate. They charge for shipping while you don't for this item. I've checked many many sites against your site and you continue to win with lower costs. Amazing! So far you guys stand true, NOBODY beats your pricing on supplements in Canada.

Rod Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada March 11, 2012 Hi It's almost 6 month that I use your products and I like it. They are real quality product and really not expensive. I have a question about Leucine, I read recently that the product is really upgrade the protein in the regular food we eat in a day. Do you know if you will have in a short time this kind of product? thanks

Patrick Mississauga, Ontario – Canada March 9, 2012 I am so glad I found you guys online. thanks,

Anthony Campbell River, British Columbia – Canada January 14, 2012 Tried the The ProteinCo Protein Blend first and was so happy with that thought id give the isolate a go, especially at this price! Once again mixes perfectly and tastes absolutely great!

Paul Victoria, British Columbia - Canada January 13, 2012 Tried the ProteinCo Protein Isolate chocolate flavor and it is very nice, mixes well and is thick a bit like those frijj milkshakes. will use again.

Simon Calgary, Alberta - Canada January 13, 2012 The ProteinCo Protein Isolate is excellent. Wow! This is the nicest tasting Whey Protein Ive ever had. Its very creamy and light with no lumps it mixes so easy into a frothy milk shake. This is the Whey Protein I will be using all the time now. Excellent stuff.

Edgar Mclennan, Alberta - Canada January 9, 2012 This Whey Protein is great! I have tried nearly 10 on the market both here and in Australia. Definite value for money. Chocolate whey protein isolate is great taste. Banana gets a bit much, especially before bed.

Claude Wasaga Beach, Ontario - Canada January 8, 2012 Superb tasting of Whey Protein Isolate not gooy and sticky like some and very easy to mix , the best ive tried and certainly the best value for money, Excellent delivery too!

Dave St-Marthe-Sur-Le-Lac, Quebec - Canada January 8, 2012 Very impressed by Anabolic Milk of ProteinCo. I used to swear by Cytosport Muscle Milk but this stuff is even better. Its cheaper for a start but the best thing about it is the ease of mixing. I literally add water and swirl the beaker and thats it. Ready to go with NO lumps at all. No need for blending / shaking or anything.

Frank Ottawa, Ontario - Canada January 8, 2012 Excellent! How did i ever miss this protein?!?! I have tried quite a few whey protein isolate including Reflex, Dymatize, MRM, but this blows all of them away! Amazing taste, its thicker and fills you up better, so its great when used with water b4 cardio. Doesn't have that "chemical" kind of taste that i found with Dymatize Elite... its more natural. At this price too its insane not to give it a go!

Alex Downsview, Ontario - Canada January 7, 2012 Have tried 2 tubs of this stuff so far and it has got to be the nicest tasting protein ive ever had! Tried both chocolate and orange and the taste is amazing and mixes better than dymatize and ON. Id recommend this to everyone!

Ramy Toronto, Ontario - Canada January 7, 2012 I actually prefer this to Dymatize or Cystosport Muscle Milk- ProteinCo Protein Isolate and Anabolic Milk taste excellent (chocolate flavor) and mixes brilliantly like it said - i'll be buying this regularly. Cant say much about packaging but thats not what matters is it!

Victor Belleville, Ontario - Canada January 7, 2012 Thanks for being a most excellent online nutrition store in Canada. Your prices are great and your service in getting these supplements is exemplary!"

Lisa Calgary, Alberta - Canada January 2, 2012 Great customer service, The 100% Whey Protein Isolate taste's great , great price , I'm coming back for more anytime , I'll talk about your products , Thanks ProteinCo Excellent service , Le gout du 100 % Whey Protein Isolate est super , super bon prix , Vous venez de vous faire un client régulier et je vais parler de vos produits , Merci ProteinCo

Michel St-Roch-De-Richelieu, Quebec - Canada December 26, 2011 Hi ProteinCo Please ship by Canada Post. My last order arrived in record time. I was very impressed.

Peter Mississauga, Ontario - Canada November 28,2011 My previous order I purchased 25lbs of chocolate isolate protein. I was excited to know you guys use Stevia sweetner. Also the chocolate isolate smells & tastes great!!

Danny Calgary, Alberta - Canada November 26,2011 Thanks for offering great products at great prices! I'll definitely continue to do business with you guys! Keep up the great work!

Rico Winkler, Manitoba - Canada November 18, 2011 Merci beaucoup pour l'information! Excellent service! En passant, pour avoir essayés les produits ProteinCo depuis une semaine, vos produits sont très bons! Je vais les recommander sans problèmes!

Luis Montreal, Quebec - Canada November 14, 2011 I just wanted to thank you for having awesome customer service. I recently received a package in which my container lid was broke and spilled out. I called customer service and was told another one was on the way without hassle. Thanks again! – ProteinCo customer for life.

Collin Winkler, Manitoba - Canada November 11, 2011 I am very pleased with my recent order and the speed that it was processed and shipped. This is a very professional company!!

Robbie Port Coquitlam, British Columbia - Canada November 7, 2011 I love shopping with you guys. You have always been easy to order from and quick to deliver. I tried ordering from another site and went thru hell. I ain't ever doing that again! I just wanted to let you guys know you're the BEST place to shop online supplement!"

Nathalie Daveluyville, Quebec - Canada November 5, 2011 Hi there, I am a first time visitor to your site and firstly want to say how glad I am to have found you guys. Not only do have great prices and product range but the discounts on volume orders which I have been looking around for are insane!"

Marc-Andre Châteauguay, Quebec - Canada November 3, 2011 Thanks a lot for changing the flavor for me. I just wanted to say that your customer service is awesome to be able to change an order like that. (I was expecting things to get really confused.) I'll definitely be recommending you guys / shopping again in the future! I have spread the word to my group and my nutritionist. She likes your products too. She tells all her patients about your company. Thanks again and thank you for such a wonderful product.

Patricia Vancouver - Canada October 27, 2007 Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt shipment (just like the last one) of my order this arrived today. I am very pleased with the Micellar casein - even this early I can tell it is a superior product. It blends easily and tastes wonderful. Keep up the great work!

Tim Barrie, Canada October 24, 2011 I ordered Whey 100% Isolated Protein and have been using it for some time now, I must say, this one really stands out compared to all my previous Protein mixes. It tastes great, and I have been experiencing some progress in my work out routine as well. Not to mention, the lowest price is just another way for me to keep coming back to you. Thank you

Gurwinder Gill Brampton, Ontario - Canada October 20, 2011 Thanks for the economical protein!! I'm a university student so I greatly appreciate the service and products you provide!

Adrian Hamilton, Ontario - Canada October 19, 2011 You guys are awesome! You guys make everything quick and easy! I thank everyone that takes care of my orders. Happy Thanksgiving!

JudeCap-Santé Quebec - Canada October 16, 2011 Your supplements are amazing. I am recently an employee of GNC and just got fired for basically expressing my opinions of how good your products were to customers. Sadly GNC didn't like that I suggested a third party product to customers instead of their products, but I can't help the fact that you guys obviously have better products. But just wanted to let you know--keep up the good work

Stephan Toronto, Ontario - Canada October 16, 2011 I thought I found a new site that had you beat with cost and shipping on Pure Whey Protein Isolate. They charge for shipping while you don't for this item. I've checked many many sites against your site and you continue to win with lower costs. Amazing! So far you guys stand true, NOBODY beats your pricing."

Steven Cambridge, Ontario - CanadaOctober 14, 2011 I have to admit, ProteinCo has the lowest overall prices of any site I have searched through and I didn't have to deal with time waiting for price matching.

Dryden Ontario - Canada October 8, 2011 I have to admit, VERY UPSET that I didn't find all the supplements that I just bought, sooner....from here!!! I just bought $235 of supplements at **********.com which for those same products here, would of only paid $172 (including shipping). How's that for ruining my day!? I wish I could send those supplements back to order from here, but now I know where I'm getting my supplements from now on!! Your new customer."

Reggie Toronto, Ontario - Canada October 6, 2011 Hello there. I'd like to say that your ProteinCo products are great and I only purchase supplements from you guys.

James – Personal Trainer Montreal, Quebec - Canada October 5, 2011 I love your service and your prices are the lowest! "Thank you so much. I'm a Customer for life.

Jon – Personal Trainer Toronto, Ontario - Canada October 5, 2011 Wow! I can't believe my order is here already! I put my order in later on Tuesday, it is now Thursday and my order is already here! Thank You Very Much! Can't wait to do my first cycle on the ProteinCo! Thanks again! Keep it up ProteinCo

Nick Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada October 4, 2011 I am moving all my business to you from xxxxxxxxxxxx.com after being a long time customer and being extremely disappointed in their incredibly slow service this last time. Get me a quick order and you have a lot of business for life.

Evan Calgary, Alberta - Canada October 4, 2011 Hey buddy, I’ve got my product thanks for your business, very happy! Thanks again and I will be looking forward to purchasing more stuff later on.

Ronnie Quebec, Quebec - Canada October 3, 2011 Thank you, you are the best, looking forward to future purchases with ProteinCo!

Enrique Dieppe, New Brunswick - Canada October 2, 2011 Will definitely order from www.ProteinCo.com again, excellent service and website.

Lincoln Sydney, Nova Scotia - Canada October 2, 2011 The supplements are great and came in a timely manner. Thank you very much and I will be ordering from your company from now on.

Jason Rimouski, Quebec - Canada September 28, 2011 I am a competitive bodybuilder and there are times during the season when staying on top of news and supplements can be as important as the diet and training. That is why I use ProteinCo. You guys get my supplements here in 3 days or less and it's a huge relief to have a certainty in this otherwise uncertain sport. I wear your free gear everywhere and when people ask where I get my supplements I tell them ProteinCo of course!! Thanks for all your professionalism."

Casey K. Richmond, British Columbia - Canada September 26, 2011 ProteinCo.com is the best place to buy anything you need to lift. It only took 3 days for my order to come which was consisted of 3 big products. I love this web site! It’s so easy to order stuff and I got an email the day I got my stuff saying I should be receiving it that day so I knew to be home to pick up my package. I give this a website a 10/10 and I wish I could give it more if possible! Also don't forget to check out the free stuff you get with your purchases of $109 or more.

Tim Brant, Ontario - Canada September 25, 2011 You guys rock! This is my third order in the last month, and I must say that I am very impressed with the speedy shipping and great products that you sell. Not to mention the awesome super low prices! Keep it up!

Messier Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - Canada September 24, 2011 I just want to thank you guys for always offering the lowest prices I have ever seen. In Sherbrooke retailers are selling the same products for 5 or 6 times the amount you offer. This makes it impossible to afford the necessary supplements for a serious athlete. But with your prices I can afford everything I need... and thanks for the awesome customer service, you guys always reply quickly and politely, something a lot of retailers and company representative’s lack. I now buy all my supplements through you guys and encouraging all my mates to do the same. I can’t tell you how happy I am when a new box arrives at my doorstep full of supplements. Thanks again

Ben Sherbrooke, Quebec - Canada September 19, 2011 You guys are great! Best prices in Canada, and good quality and customer service.

Jonathan North Bay (Ontario) September 19, 2011 Thanks a lot for the quick reply, I really appreciate it. Great Customer Service!

Natasha Brantford, Ontario - Canada September 17, 2011 You guys are the best suppliers for supplements and I have switched to buying all my supplies through you, keep up the good work--you guys kick ass.

Mauricio Edmundston, New Brunswick - Canada September 12, 2011 Thank you for the help, and I look forward to investing in more of the great products and assistance from your company. Keep up the excellent work, it pays off.

Jacob Victoriaville Quebec - Canada September 12, 2011 YOU GUYS ROCK! You guys are the best supplier for supplements and I have switched to buying all my supplies through you. Keep up the good work! You guys kick ass.

Mauricio Leduc, Alberta - Canada September 11, 2011 Shipment was fast and the product was packaged very well!

Micheal Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada September 10, 2011 Fast, fast, fast. I love ProteinCo

Jane Toronto, Quebec - Canada Trois-Rivières 6, 2011 I received my items in three days, am going to place more this morning.

Todd Prince Rupert, British Columbia - Canada September 4, 2011 Much better than other web sites I received merchandise a lot faster for the same price.

Karl Victoria, British Columbia - Canada September 2, 2009 ProteinCo was quick, efficient and exceeded my expectations.

Bart Guelph, Quebec - Canada September 2, 2010 My order was shipped and received in an express manner. Very pleased!

Alix Kenora Ontario - Canada September 2, 2010 Price was right, service was great, shipped on time.

Christian Sydney, New Brunswick - Canada August 29, 2010 Super fast shipping. Great products and low prices. A+

Josh Hull, Quebec - Canada August 27, 2010 Appreciate the samples you sent with my last order. A few of these products I'm actually considering making part of my future purchases. As always, thanks for your excellent service and remarkable prices.

Doug Brandon, Manitoba - Canada August 16, 2010 Hello, thank you very much for your responsiveness. I am very grateful for the great customer service.

George Portage la Prairie, Manitoba - Canada August 13, 2010 Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I knew, based on your past service you would quickly and perfectly resolve my issue. Thank you, you have earned a long-time customer.

Corey Toronto, Ontario - Canada August 6, 2010 Can't wait to receive my order. You guys have the best prices!

Dick Richmond, British Columbia - Canada July 26, 2010

Experience the difference in taste, price and quality. ProteinCo, we offer and guarantee only the purest, best tasting, freshest ingredients available made especially for you, at wholesale prices.



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