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Protein Canada


When you shop online at ProteinCo.ca, you can buy an assorted variety of protein powders any time of day or night. When it comes to Protein Canada, we lead the way in high quality supplements at economical prices. Our top rated protein powder in 2012 is our New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate. It’s a 90% protein by weight formulation that is fat, lactose and carbohydrate free. It’s currently available in 5 tasty flavors sure to meet any taste preference. Whey Protein Blend is a sweeter, less processed Canada whey protein exclusively available online here. If you desire more calories with a bit more fat and carbohydrates per serving, this is the choice for you.

Whether you are a competitive bodybuilder, hockey player, or simply a recreational athlete, Canadian Protein in supplement form can help you better achieve your goals. Let’s say you are into hockey and want to bulk up in order to better throw your weight around. For this purpose, we suggest you purchase Weight Gain Protein that contains massive amounts of easily digested protein and a whopping amount of calories per serving. Many customers ask, “What is the best Canadian protein I can buy?” The easy answer is “That depends on what your goals are”. If you want to gain the maximum amount of muscle mass possible, Canada protein reviews and searches indicate Casein Protein is one of the most desirable. The slow acting nature can help you build muscle better than any other protein supplement.

Try one or more Whey Protein Canada supplements available at ProteinCo.ca until you find what is perfectly suited to you and your active lifestyle.


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