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Pill Supplements


This is the area where you will find every nutritional supplements Canada product we sell that isn’t in powder form. Every softgel, capsule, tablet and packet combination supplement is listed here. Some nutrients are available in several forms. ProteinCo Canada offers BCAA supplements in both capsule and powdered form. Sometimes is easier to mix powders than it is to consume pills and vice versa. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find the dietary supplement you desire most. Therefore, you may see the same product in two or more categories. The All Supplements and Pill Supplement categories are designed to be a one page catalog to facilitate quick and easy purchase choices.


Is the key amino acid for dilating blood vessels from increased nitric oxide release. This results in getting more nutrients and oxygen to working muscles during training.


Is a 2 to 1 leucine to isoleucine and valine formula. It’s a convenient branched chained amino acid in capsule form that provides direct protein for muscle gain.

Creatine Ethyl Ester

Is one of the most renowned bodybuilding supplements on the market. This capsule form of creatine can easily be taken pre workout and post workout to improve your ability to build muscle and gain weight.

Workout Caffeine

Stimulates fat release into your bloodstream where it can be burned and used for energy. Using this supplement is an economical way to boost your focus and motivate you pre workout.


Is well known and respected by bodybuilders, power lifters and others looking to gain weight and body size. It works to promote muscle gain by enhancing your muscle recovery post workout.


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