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Premium Quality

Protein Co.

Our Quality Checklist

Quality Control Is Our Number One Priority

ProteinCo Canada is completely and 100% committed to bringing consumers superior supplements through self-inflicted quality control. Why? One reason is because we use these supplements too. This has driven us to manufacture only the purest and highest quality supplements with directly benefit you, the consumer. Another reason is a frustration with cheap, poorly designed supplements that excel in marketing hype only. It’s easy to throw together a bunch of nutrients that are hot on the lips of consumers and call it a nutritional supplement. You can be absolutely certain, ProteinCo Canada never cuts corners when it comes to formulating the best supplements possible.

Stringent Product Safety Guidelines

There are many reasons ProteinCo Canada goes the extra mile to offer you safety and peace of mind with everything we sell. Below you will find our methodical step by step process that guides our devotion to product safety. Every batch and every lot of every supplement we research, test, manufacture and ultimately sell must go through this process. Each supplement is tested before and after the manufacturing process as a dual layer of protection against any possible contamination. Hence, we are 100% certain of EVERY supplements’ purity, quality and ability to perform as promised. The result is the best Whey Protein Supplements you can find anywhere in Canada as well as a top rated supplement every time.

Every Batch of Raw Material and Finished Product is Independently Tested For:
  • Authenticity - Proteinco Canada only purchases raw materials we feel are authentic and from the most reputable sources. We go one step further and test these raw materials ourselves just to make certain the nutrients are of the purity we pay for. We have chosen a number of certification facilities and processes that have the reputation for being the best in the business. As technology emerges that may add even additional layers of safety, we are open to implementing them within reason. While we do everything we can to assure supplement purity and safety, we won’t add unnecessary cost that has to be passed on to you unless there is a very good reason to do so.
  • Banned Substances - Competitive athletes risk losing all they worked for if even a trace of a banned substance is consumed that isn’t allowed by their governing body. This is an obvious reason for them to only use trusted nutritional supplements. The benefit to the general consumer is this drives stringent processes for assuring purity of every supplement we sell. We can therefore say every ProteinCo supplement is tested and trusted by professional athletes, equating to purity and safety for every consumer.
  • Toxins - Especially as the population grows and the world becomes more polluted, it’s increasingly important thoroughly scan for any possible microbiological toxin. New strains of bacteria, mold, yeast and toxins with big, scary names emerge all the time. We remain vigilant, as our scientist are the best in the world at keeping everything bad out of your supplements. They never rest in this pursuit, remaining ever alert for possible dangers to nutrient purity and safety.
  • Heavy Metals - These are specific toxins that must be 100% absent in the raw materials we use. The oceans are a tremendous resource for powerful nutrients. At the same time, heavy metals such as mercury, silver, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and others can be present. Fortunately, there are still areas of our seas of life that are pristine and pure. We only source from these areas and still test to assure our supplements will always be free of toxic heavy metals.
  • Potency - When you purchase supplements, you want to know you are getting everything you paid for. With Proteinco Canada, this is never a concern because of our methodical step by step process once again. When the label says you get X mg of a specific nutrient, that is exactly what you get. In order for supplements to be effective and reliable like you need them to be, thorough testing must be done before, during and after supplement formulation to guarantee the potency. We use third party testing, certified quality control procedures, and our own “sniff” test to make our claims and guarantees.
  • Certificate of Analysis - Every lot and batch of raw materials used must be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis from the supplier. This is our first tier of a multi-faceted quality control system. This once again insures you the safety and peace of mind you are paying for.
  • Label Claim Accuracy - Once we are certain the raw ingredients we use are pure and safe, we must be certain you get every ounce of what the label says you are getting. Not only do we check and double check this before the product is available to you, we make sure all these nutrients place nice together. This is a simple way of stating we synergistically formulate our supplements so the precise nutrient quantities listed on the label provide superior results. We feel we owe this “bonus” to ourselves and our loyal customers, as we all rely on ProteinCo nutritional supplements.
  • Freshness - Many nutrients loose significant quantities of their effectiveness if they aren’t used right away. We source our raw ingredients to be as fresh as possible to bring you the potency these nutrients should deliver. We must admit we can’t compete with raw, whole foods from your garden or local organic farm. Rest assured however, the freshness of our raw ingredients is a top priority for us, as we understand it’s role in bringing you better results leading to maximum performance.
  • Flavor - We don’t want our products to taste good, we want them to taste GREAT! We work extremely hard to manufacture amazing tasting products in a variety of flavors. Everyone’s taste preferences are different and the ProteinCo understands this and is sensitive to it. For this reason, we formulate our nutritional supplements to be lightly flavored and lightly sweetened as this is most appealing to everyone. Then, we select flavor varieties that are popular and easily assimilated. Because of this attention to flavor detail, almost everyone loves at least one of our flavors, and many customers love them all.
  • Expiration Dates - This goes back to freshness. We start with the freshest ingredients and we want that resulting potency delivered to you no matter what the expiration date is. This means our expiration dates are typically only a year or two after the supplements are packaged. If we don’t have enough data to list a valid expiration date, we use a manufactured on date. This is always accompanied by a suggested use by date until we are able to select the appropriate expiration date for subsequent batches.
  • Lot Tracking Capability - Proteinco Canada rests easy knowing we can track any raw ingredient in any supplement batch, regardless of the manufacturing facility or date. Documentation is kept for many years that tell us when the raw ingredient was sourced, who supplied it, what testing procedures were used and which supplements contain the specific nutrient.
  • Lot Numbers on Every Product - Every ProteinCo product has a lot number associated with it. The location varies depending on the packaging type and company but you will always find a lot number somewhere on the packaging. This allows us to track the product from raw ingredient sourcing to final production.


As you can see, we don’t take supplement purity, quality, safety and effectiveness lightly. We strive to set the example for all to follow by doing our utmost to bring you superior quality nutritional supplements. Every product we sell is tested and formulated by scientists and athletes. This way, we can bring EVERY consumer the best products, developed by those who know the importance of purity and quality.


We Follow Industry Standards For Excellence
  •  Licensed Natural Health Products
    Click here to see our Natural Health Product Number (NPN)
  •  Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Nobody should purchase nutritional supplements that don’t have the cGMP certification. This is quickly becoming the industry standard initiated by companies like ProteinCo.ca who truly care.
  •  Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) This is a second layer of protection for consumers. It assures you don’t get stray substances in your supplements due to sloppy lab procedures.
  •  Pharmaceutical Quality This isn’t required for any supplement manufacturer at this point. The one thing we admire about the pharmaceutical industry is their process for assuring purity. Obviously this is critical with the ingredients they work with. We voluntarily meet pharmaceutical grade with every supplement we sell.
  •  Made in Canada All ProteinCo Canada supplements are sourced, manufactured and sold from Canada.

Consumer Health and Safety

Supplemental nutritional products are typically taken over a fairly lengthy period, either with intermittent breaks or continuously. For this reason, the quality of the products should be an important consideration in selecting which company you purchase from. Even a minute fraction of an impurity can be a significant detriment to your health when taken year after year. When we say pure, we mean 100% pure, not 99.99% or anything that is “close enough”.

Proteinco Canada satisfies even the most discriminating consumer’s demands for quality, safety, and effectiveness. The ProteinCo.ca logo always guarantees you the highest quality, safest nutritional supplements on the market.


  • Why is it so important to have redundant quality control measures?

    Let’s face it, mistakes can happen. When it comes to purity and quality of your nutritional supplements however, we aren’t going to take any chances. Because of the human aspect, we guard against anything that even has a remote chance of “slipping by” through our multi-tiered approach to quality control. If you are a competitive athlete, allowing even small fractions of impurities to go unnoticed could mean the end to your competitive career. The ProteinCo won’t ever allow that to happen. As well, everyone should have the same level of concern regarding supplement purity as professional athletes, because your health is depending on it. Even the minutest fraction of an impurity could be very damaging to your overall health when ingested for years at a time. We won’t take the chance of something unknown adversely affecting your health years from now.

  • Aren’t all those quality controls measures expensive, making my supplements cost more?

    Yes it’s true, in order to bring you superior quality, there is additional cost incurred by our testing procedures. It does add cost that must be passed on to you. We work in other areas to reduce costs however, which means we can still bring you affordable nutritional supplements. Think about it this way too. How much do you think it costs in sick days, health care costs and prescription medications from consuming low quality foods and supplements? Even if our supplements cost slightly more, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by being healthier and stronger for it.

  • How can I tell that your supplements are 100% safe?

    We will gladly provide you with any documentation you need for your peace of mind that proves our claims. Additionally, any of our certification companies can provide you details of their process as it relates to our supplements. Often you can find all the supporting information you need by clicking on the certification logo that will take you directly to their website.

  • Is EVERY ingredient listed in your supplement or nutrition facts?

    Absolutely! We list every ingredient and the quantities of those ingredients in the nutrition or supplement facts. If we use a proprietary blend, we list the ingredients in those blends individually. You will notice listed quantities of nutrients such as amino acids for example, either with or in addition to the nutrition facts.



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