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LOSE FAT Supplements

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LOSE FAT Supplements


How to burn fat that is real and lasting weight loss, is a complex and ever changing challenge for almost everyone. We all face a myriad of obstacles that get in the way of our attempts to lose the fat that tarnishes our ideal body image. Dieting is a particularly difficult task that works for few and frustrates many. The unfortunate reality is the magic cure doesn’t exist and you have to be ever vigilant to how your body changes as you age. Fortunately for you, ProteinCo Canada formulates a number of economical supplements to help you lose fat and keep the weight off permanently. You will get lean through a variety of synergistic nutrients and formulas designed to keep pace with you, regardless of whether your body is a fat burning machine or not. Buy what seems right for you, exercise regularly, and dieting and body fat will bad memories of the past. When you are looking to burn fat and build lean muscle, we have every supplements Canada formula you will ever need.

Amino Recovery

Is a cheap way to ensure post workout results. By providing key nutrients such as glutamine and electrolytes, you recover faster so you can train harder next time.


Is the key amino acid for dilating blood vessels from increased nitric oxide release. This results in getting more nutrients and oxygen to working muscles during training.


Is a 2 to 1 leucine to isoleucine and valine formula. It’s a convenient branched chained amino acid in capsule form that provides direct protein for muscle gain.

BCAA Drink

Can be used as a during training beverage. These essential amino acids can help you gain weight through increased protein synthesis.

Casein Protein

Is nighttime muscle fuel. It’s one of the best weight gainers when used as a time released muscle protein supplement while you sleep.


Assists with muscle recovery which facilitates faster muscle gain and body size. This amino acid can promote growth hormone (HGH) release which is a key to building muscle faster.

Nitric Oxide Booster

Dilates blood vessels to pump more oxygen and nutrients to working muscles. The amino acid arginine along with others is supported with a double shot of creatine for maximum power and strength gains.

Whey Protein Blend

Uses two whey powders to be a more complete muscle building protein. Whey protein peptides are added to boost the already incredible power to help you build muscle and overall body mass.

Whey Protein Isolate

Promotes lean muscle gain from its’ pure protein profile. The fat free and carbohydrate free properties enhance protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Workout Caffeine

Stimulates fat release into your bloodstream where it can be burned and used for energy. Using this supplement is an economical way to boost your focus and motivate you pre workout.


Is well known and respected by bodybuilders, power lifters and others looking to gain weight and body size. It works to promote muscle gain by enhancing your muscle recovery post workout.


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