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Hormone Health Canada


The bodybuilding world has long known about the role that natural hormone regulation relates to muscle growth. At ProteinCo Canada, we only use natural means to accomplish improved Hormone Health and proper regulation and adequate production within your body. Taking ANY hormone directly is always a bad idea in our opinion! A Hormone Support supplement that is comprised of all natural ingredients can be very effective at increasing levels of a number of hormones in your bloodstream. This may help you build muscle faster and then maintain that muscle mass long after protein synthesis occurs. If you are a bodybuilder, power lifter, MMA fighter or other athlete who consumes bulk Whey Protein powders, you may get more muscle building power when you take the best Hormone Health supplements Canada that compliment your nutrient intake from whole foods.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris – Always the best quality at the lowest price!

Ingredients like tribulus terrestris can be highly effective at boosting hormones within your body. To assure you obtain the maximum results possible, it must be absolutely pure and of utmost quality. Every tribulus source, and every other ingredient ProteinCo Canada sells for that matter, is the most trusted we can find on earth. Whether it’s tribulus terrestris sold on its’ own or tribulus combined with other nutrients in a Hormone Health supplement, you know the quality, value and results will be unmatched.

Hormone production support – Thoroughly researched supplement ingredients that work!

Other supplements we sell that don’t necessarily contain tribulus, can be just as effective or more. The ProteinCo Canada science team works hard to find the best natural hormone elevating nutrients possible. Formulas such as our Hormone Support, and ZMA, both can possibly improve hormone health with a unique and powerful blend of ingredients. By combining them synergistically, you are sure to find one or more supplements in this line that will help you build muscle through better hormone regulation.


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