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Football Supplements

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Football Supplements


ProteinCo Canada sells a supplement line that supports football players in every conceivable area. When you are looking for the best mass gainer, we have several products to choose from to help you increase weight and body mass. Become massive when you are building muscle better than ever with nutritional support supplements like creatine and protein powders. We also carry a unique line of the most powerful ingredient blends you won’t find anywhere else. Glandulars and other scientifically formulated blends are targeted at extremely high intensity sports like football. When you purchase a complimentary group of dietary supplements Canada from us, you will increase size, weight and muscle mass guaranteed. The result is an overall increase in strength, explosive speed and power!

Amino Recovery

Is a cheap way to ensure post workout results. By providing key nutrients such as glutamine and electrolytes, you recover faster so you can train harder next time.


Is a 2 to 1 leucine to isoleucine and valine formula. It’s a convenient branched chained amino acid in capsule form that provides direct protein for muscle gain.

BCAA Drink

Can be used as a during training beverage. These essential amino acids can help you gain weight through increased protein synthesis.

Creatine Ethyl Ester

Is one of the most renowned football supplements on the market. This capsule form of creatine can easily be taken pre workout and post workout to improve your ability to build muscle and gain weight.

Creatine Monohydrate

Promotes muscle growth for bodybuilders, power lifters, football and hockey players and anyone else looking for maximum muscle gains. Used in conjunction with other mass gainer supplements, your overall body size will increase dramatically.


Assists with muscle recovery which facilitates faster muscle gain and body size. This amino acid can promote growth hormone (HGH) release which is a key to building muscle faster.

Nitric Oxide Booster

Dilates blood vessels to pump more oxygen and nutrients to working muscles. The amino acid arginine along with others is supported with a double shot of creatine for maximum power and strength gains.

Nitric Oxide NO

Improves training results with a 3 pronged nutrient attack in capsule form. Double arginine power, is supported by a triple creatine complex, and then nicely finished with hormone supporting tribulus.

Pre Workout Drink

Builds muscle with the help of creatine and amino acids by keeping your system in a catabolic (muscle building) state. Your muscles will fire better from the unique electrolyte blend promoting your best muscle growth.

Hormone Support

Can help elevate naturally occuring free hormone levels so crucial to helping you gain weight. This non tribulus formula may be the best mass gainer for weight lifters of all kinds.

Waxy Maize

Is a fast absorbing carbohydrate to energize your football workouts. Added to other mass gainers such as whey powder, it can offer more complete nutritional power to build muscle and size better and faster.

Weight Gain Protein

Contains whey protein concentrate, amino acids and more to be one of the best weight gainers you can buy. With nearly 800 calories per serving, it’s nutritional supplement support to help you gain weight and mass like never before.


Is well known and respected by bodybuilders, power lifters and others looking to gain weight and body size. It works to promote muscle gain by enhancing your muscle recovery post workout.


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