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Energy Supplements Canada

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Energy Supplements Canada


ProteinCo Canada offers a complete line of supplements like Whey Protein that aren’t dirty energy pretenders. The flood of so called “energy drinks” on the market provides false hope. As well, they actually degrade your body’s ability to produce real energy naturally. Just because you feel energized from a combination of stimulants, doesn’t mean you truly have more energy. The only way to utilize long lasting fuel, adequately feeding the demand, is by promoting how your body does this naturally. Stimulants such as caffeine and guarana can be useful for certain needs. We never rely on them to be the primary “energy” producing ingredients though. We prefer to attack low energy production at the cellular level, improving your overall health in the process.

Cellular Fuels – Getting to the root cause of low energy!

If you are looking for the best energy producing supplement money can buy, you came to the right place. Rather than buy cheap energy drinks packed with stimulants, sucralose and/or sugar, spend a few dollars more to get real, lasting energy. ProteinCo Canada gets to the root of cellular energy production, improving your body’s ability to make and burn fuel for energy. The best energy supplements Canada, turn you into a nuclear fueled human power plant.

Food Fuels – Pure, high quality calories that fuel your furnace!

Once you have your Energy Supplements Canada working at peak efficiency, you need to feed them clean burning fuels. Every nutritional supplement we sell has pure, high quality ingredients as their foundation. Don’t make the mistake of buying supplements that are of questionable quality and purity. In the long run, saving a few dollars when you buy the lowest priced protein powder for example, will most likely result in you having to spend more money in the future.

Toxin Removers – Giving your body a fresh start!

Bodybuilders and others who train daily, consume whey supplements, and eat high amounts of animal protein, produce a variety of toxins harmful to their efforts. The body simply can’t keep up with waste removal fast enough so we make energy supplements Canada specifically designed to help remove toxins from your body. When you are looking for an energy booster, you have to attack fatigue from all angles. Amino acids like citrulline act like sponges to soak up and remove toxins from your body. Taurine and OKG are also excellent supplement additives for this purpose. Quercitin, when present with other key nutrients, is extremely efficient at promoting the best energy production your body is capable of.

Stimulants – In limited quantity they serve a purpose!

Stimulants in limited amounts can add to energy production mechanisms. Workout Caffeine taken as a supplement for example, can help release fatty acids into your bloodstream, allowing you to burn them as fuel for energy. They don’t feed your cells however, so it’s not energy you feel when the stimulant buzz kicks in. Guarana, ginseng and green tea can serve the same purpose. Taken in higher quantities, these supplements can cause dehydration, dizziness and a host of other negative side effects. ProteinCo Canada formulas that do contain one form of stimulant or another, have them in limited quantity, combined synergistically with other key nutrients to provide the best energy supplement at the lowest price.



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