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Diet & Protein

Your diet and protein supplementation to enhance specific goals should be well understood. You don’t have to become a dietician, nutritionist or a licensed expert in the field to learn all you need to know about protein however. ProteinCo has the goal of making this a simple education process for you. It should be your go to resource for incorporating protein supplements into your routine.

Most likely, you are looking to supplement with protein to build MORE muscle or you wouldn’t be reading this right? Eating a balanced diet coupled with protein supplementation go hand in hand in this pursuit. As we age, it becomes even more important to “maintain” our muscle mass. Supplementing with protein powders are an excellent way to keep your muscles lean and toned as you age.

First we need to address the question “What is protein?” Simply put, protein is a combination of amino acids. You need to extract amino acids from foods or supplements you consume to make your own protein or “muscle”. Which amino acids you need to consume and in what quantities and delivery methods for achieving a specific goal is a point of debate and probably always will be. Why? Because no two bodies are exactly the same and each reacts differently. What works incredibly for one person may have minimal positive results for another.

With this in mind, we want to provide you with a guideline and then encourage you to listen to your body. Then utilizing our guidance, you will be able to adjust your diet and protein supplements accordingly. Leave the science of incorporating all the amino acids and complimenting ingredients you require and in the proper quantities and ratios to us. For you scientific types, we have provided our reference section that is categorized with all the good science we can find. For the rest of you, let your goals, budget and results guide you to the protein supplements that you find work best for you personally.


Whey Protein

Because they are quickly and easily digested, whey has become one of the most popular protein powders to supplement with. The ProteinCo sells two types of Whey protein: Isolate and Concentrate.

  • Isolate - Processed to remove most if not all of the fat, and lactose. Therefore, it’s usually lower in calories per serving because isolate is 90% or more protein. Whey protein isolate is a great choice if you are lactose intolerant. It’s also a great addition if you are on a diet and protein has been recommended to build muscle and thus assist with burning fat. Increased lean muscle mass will typically increase your metabolism, assisting you with reaching or attaining your desired body composition. Due to the additional processing required to remove unwanted fat and carbohydrates, isolate is typically slightly higher in price per serving.
  • Concentrate - Containing low levels of fat and cholesterol, generally higher in calories and carbohydrates in the form of lactose. Concentrates are about 70% - 85% protein. If you aren’t concerned about weight gain and don’t have lactose intolerance issues, this is a great protein choice. It’s possible whey protein concentrate is more effective at building muscle due to being in a more “natural” state from limited processing. Lack of processing also equates to a lower cost per serving.

Micellar Casein

Casein makes up about 80% of the protein in milk. Micellar casein is extracted from milk without the use of chemicals so it’s as pure a casein source as we are able to provide. It’s a slow acting protein as opposed to the faster digesting properties of whey proteins. This makes micellar casein an excellent supplement when there will be long periods between meals. It’s also fantastic to consume right before bed to keep you satisfied throughout the night, quite possibly improving your sleep. A deeper sleep and the slow acting nature of the casein protein may promote enhanced recovery and muscle development.

Targeted Blends

Blending different types of diet and protein supplements and ingredients can be effective in developing a “one size fits all” product. Many users want one product that will adequately cover their needs and take a lot of the planning and thinking out of the equation. If you are a busy parent, a weekend warrior, or have multiple commitments taking up your time for example, a blended protein is ideal for you. Additionally, our targeted blends such as our Pre Workout Drink and Weight Gain Protein are specifically tailored to precise goals and training periods.

Vegetable Protein

Believe it or not, vegetables in their raw form can provide your body with all the amino acids (protein) your body ever needs. It’s true that animal protein is a better “bang for your buck” when it comes to muscle building. However, the clean burning nature of vegetable protein gives animal proteins a run for their money when overall health is factored in. While most people won’t rely on vegetables as their only source of protein, it’s still a valuable addition to your diet and protein supplement regime. ProteinCo will have at least one complete vegetable protein powder to meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans and to encourage you meat eaters to add more vegetable protein to your diet.

Other Protein Sources

You can of course get protein from foods you eat such as meats, cheeses, beans, nuts and raw whole foods. It is difficult and inconvenient to eat whole foods for protein at other than normal meal times however. There are other convenient sources of protein when you are on the go.

Amino Acids -> These ARE protein after all. It’s hard to get enough amino acids directly to replace all other protein intake needs so supplementing with them is ideal. You can add amino acid powders in whatever quantity suits you. Bodybuilders do this with great success as they need to ingest massive quantities of protein throughout the day compared to the general consumer. Increase the quantity and quality of your protein by adding additional amino acids; thus personalizing any protein powder you supplement with regularly.

Premixed Meal Replacement Drinks -> While we generally suggested keeping your protein powder dry until just prior to consumption, a ready to drink meal replacement shake can be very effective. The loss in potency is minimal when you are simply drinking it for added protein and calories. They are convenient, easy to use and readily available in stores.

Gainers -> These are really just a specifically targeted blend of protein, carbohydrates, fat and other nutrients. They can add variety to your usual protein powder mix and may be a welcome change to your workout routine. Depending on your targeted training goals and protein intake needs, you can personalize these to your own liking or make one of your own from scratch. Combining different types of whey protein, amino acids, BCAA powder, creatine, glutamine, etc., may meet your exact needs better than a generic formulation.

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