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Protein Co.

Canadian Protein Guide

Knowing why protein is important in your diet and learning details specific to you and your needs can be an intimidating process. Proteinco Canada developed this guide called the Canadian Protein Guide to educate you and help take as much of the guess work out as we possibly could. Your biggest concerns will most likely revolve around how much, what types and when to consume Canadian protein powders to help you meet your daily requirements. You will want to know what foods to include in your diet and how to supplement with protein based on your body type, size and what you are looking to achieve athletically and personally.

The good news for consumers is protein Supplements Canada and supporting nutrition has not only become widely available, they have been formulated to be easily digested and great tasting! Unfortunately, along with the benefits have come cheap, low quality products that can be very difficult for consumers to identify. Our commitment to you is to manufacture the absolute highest quality products possible. As well, we will provide supporting documentation to explain exactly why protein is needed in your diet and how and when to consume supplemental protein products to enhance your lifestyle choices.

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