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Protein Co.

Avoiding Mixing Frustrations

The ProteinCo works hard to formulate all our protein powders so they mix quickly and easily. Despite this, the inherent qualities of a powder still exist. There are a few tricks you can use when mixing your protein powders so they dissolve completely and taste great!

Water THEN Powder

This tip alone can mean the difference of a thoroughly mixed drink or a lumpy, unappetizing soup. This technique is not completely free of hazards however. If you are in a hurry and dump the scoop into a full bottle or mixer, often times the entire contents of the scoop will fall at once giving you a mini bath. Tap the scoop gently on the side as you pour to obtain a more splash free experience.

Use A Blender Or Shaker

Regardless of the type of powder you are trying to mix, a blender, shaker or other type of mixer will result in a creamier, completely mixed product versus other methods. One trick in the blender or mixer is to start on a slow speed initially. This eliminates having to use a spoon or a spatula to scrape off unmixed powder from the sides.

Additional Instructions

Techniques specific to the type and style of protein you are mixing is often include on the product label. If you are mixing a product for the first time, read the directions on the label carefully first as you may find a handy tip or two.


Residual protein powder mixes are the perfect breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. You should always rinse your container out with any source of water immediately after consumption. Never put the lid on and leave the empty container in a hot car or other warm environment. Wash your mixing and drinking containers thoroughly and often. Air dry them completely before the next use whenever possible as well. Turn both the container and the lid upside down after washing to expedite the drying process. This is one area where being lazy or in a hurry will force you to throw away your container…scary!

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