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Amino Acids Canada


The bodybuilding community has been a pioneer in discovering Amino Acids Canada for muscle building power. Any food that contains protein is some combination of amino acids. Extracting these nutrients from meat and animal sources in particular steals much needed energy for athletes especially. Whey Protein supplements Canada are an excellent source of amino acids as part of the extraction process has already been done. Supplementing with pure amino acids either alone or added to a targeted formula increases muscle building power and spares energy for those hard workouts. ProteinCo Canada has all your high quality amino acid supplement needs covered.

Essential Amino Acids – Your body can’t make these so you must consume them!

There are 9 essential amino acids your body doesn’t make. Three of these are branched chain amino acids – BCAA’s. Many animal sources and some plant sources contain all the essential amino acids. You get more bang for your buck from animal sources but the process steals more energy from your body. Vegetable sources should be used to add variety as they don’t rob you of as much energy and have phytonutrient and anti-oxidant properties. Very few vegetables contain all the essential amino acids however so you have to consume a variety of colors to get them all.

  • BCAA – Three essential amino acids for superior muscle building
    • Leucine is the most powerful of the three so you will typically see twice as much per serving as the other two. For protein synthesis and muscle energy that keeps your body in a muscle building state, leucine is possibly the most important BCAA Canada.
    • Isoleucine is the little brother of leucine, not sitting idly in the shadow though. Important to note is the fact that isoleucine needs biotin to fully metabolize and breakdown to build muscle. This makes a multivitamin crucial for anyone looking to sculpt a muscular physique.
    • The last of the three BCAA’s is valine. It completes the three tiered amino acid insurance policy, guarding against catabolic muscle destruction.

Non-Essential Amino Acids – It’s still essential to get enough of them!

Any athlete who trains hard, especially when the goal is to build muscle, must assure they get all the amino acids their body’s require. Non-essential amino acids are typically consumed individually to target specific training goals. Arginine is used as a catalyst for nitric oxide (NO) release to shuttle more blood and nutrients to working muscles. Aspartate as aspartic acid removes the toxin ammonia that robs hard trainers of energy. Glutamine repairs muscle fibers that are torn to shreds from intense training, speeding the recovery process. Look for non-essential amino acids as stand-alone products or added to targeted blends.


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