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Weight: Shaker & 5 Samples
Limit: 1 per client
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For a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY any of our large containers of Whey Protein or other protein powder, our Sample Kit + Shaker offer is a great deal. For the low price of $9.99, you can get 5 samples of your choice plus a BPA Free Shaker Cup with lid and FREE shipping to boot!

You can add this item to any order over $79 and still qualify for FREE shipping in Canada. As supplies are limited, we must insist on just one (1) FREE Sample kit + Shaker per order.

Any Whey Protein or protein powder purchase over $79 qualifies for a FREE shaker cup. We will gladly throw in a sample or two of other flavors for FREE if you mention that you would like them in the order comments.


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  1. The next big thing.

    Posted by on

    I think this will be Canada's leading protein supplier in no time for athletes, can't say a bad thing about them, was better than top brands coming in from USA and top brands being advertised in Canada. Their nutrient profile also is better, GMP certified, pharmacy certified, soy free, gluten free. Won't be buying anything else!

    Tried the New Zealand Isolate Protein, every flavour is amazing! (haven't tried unflavoured)

  2. good product

    Posted by on

    ordered the sample kit to taste it. All the products taste great. Also the shipping are super fast. No need to go at the store to get Protein powder anymore.

  3. Fast Shipping

    Posted by on

    I ordered this very late on Sunday night and received it Tuesday. I got samples that i LOVED. I will definitely be buying more cups and protein. The cup is super durable even after running for the bus with it loosely in my bag.

  4. Pure perfection

    Posted by on

    Amazing shipping, amazing price, amazing product. Perfecto

  5. top quality, fast shipping !!!

    Posted by on

    Great taste, one of the best protein quality i have try!
    I live in Quebec, 2 day shipping, it's unbelivebel !!!

  6. Excellente qualité livraison super rapide

    Posted by on

    L'une de meilleure protein que j'ai essayé, le gout est parfait la qualité a sont meilleur et surtout la livraison super rapide! qualité est irréprochable et la texture elle aussi et très bien.

  7. Good samples

    Posted by on

    The samples are a good way to try out the products.

  8. Worth the price to try

    Posted by on

    Getting 5 samples and a shaker cup for $10 with free shipping was pretty solid. I ordered 2 samples one for my friend and one for my GF to try.

    it's also a good way to try out other flavours before buying 5.lbs of something you don't like.

  9. Give it a Try!

    Posted by on

    I love that I can sample 5 different flavors of protein for such a low price.

    I also appreciate that all of the products are produced in Canada with quality, local ingredients. This company has standards and that is evident in their level of professionalism.

  10. tres satisfait

    Posted by on

    super protéin produit...tres bon gout....shipping rapide

  11. Great Deal!!

    Posted by on

    Protein powders had amazing flavor, shaker is the perfect size to toss into my gym bag just as I'm heading out the door to workout. Powders mixed very well with just water, tasted even better using almond milk.

  12. Perfect way to try Proteinco products

    Posted by on

    5 Stars for protein, the most impressive Isolate I've tasted, New Zealand is another wow. Vanilla and unflavored are great mixed with 0.5 micron filtered water. The missing star goes to the shaker cup that I dont like because it smell plastic.

  13. Fantastic order + Highly recommend the sample kit

    Posted by on

    This has to be a great business model! I got to try several products and find out which suited my needs the best and where I can maximize my spending. Highly recommend the sample kit to any new customer or existing just to try and see the quality of product you will receive.

  14. Cheap price for good whey!

    Posted by on

    Pretty good deal if you're fed up of other Iso/Conc whey. The whey mixes well but still has some clumps if you use the shaker that comes with it.

    Awesome deal for trying flavors, too. I will be ordering from your company from now on.

  15. Great taste.

    Posted by on

    When it comes to a Whey Protein Isolate some of the things to consider is the ratio of protein per scoop, its taste and the cholesterol count.
    ProteinCo Protein Whey Isolate delivers 27 grams per scoop (30g) which is excellent, has a healthy zero cholesterol count and the tastes is amazing!

  16. Goes with everything! Awesome!!!!! - Taste's great & Great price

    Posted by on

    OK so I bought this to test out the whey protein therefore chose 1 of each flavor because everything I've tried so far can't be added to food, doesn't dissolve well, smells like what gets stuck on the bottom of your shoe and tastes like cardboard.

    First what's great is that the content was more than the 1 portion they said was in there; I had about 2 portions in every pack. It wasn't a perfect 2 portions but you get the picture. It dissolved instantly the minute it touched water. I suggest not exactly 1 cup of water because it tastes kinda watery. However best part, I can add it to my food no problem and cook with it!!! I made cookies, pancakes, even added it to my coffee and jell-o! I was able to make low cal, low carb, next to zero sugar high protein meals with all the flavors and almost everything you can ingest in one day. So now I know which flavor works best for me and will go ahead and order the ones I prefer.

    Trust me the price/quality ratio is unbeatable!!!

  17. More flavours would be nice

    Posted by on

    Good way to sample product from an online store. Packaging is very high quality and shipped very fast. Mixability is good. Only criticisms would be the lack of flavours and a casein product to sample.

  18. best protein powder ive tried

    Posted by on

    I've tried many different brands, but had a hard time finding one that offered a short list of recognizable ingredients with no aspartame, dissolved easily without a blender, and tasted better than just barely tolerable. I tried chocolate, vanilla and cookies n cream and I'm having a hard time deciding which I like best! They all taste good and I look forward to my post workout shakes. When it comes to protein powder, I'm really hard to please, so take it from me...
    I'm never buying from another company.

  19. Good whey to try out different flavours

    Posted by on

    Was a cheap and easy way to try out the different flavors they have available. For $10 tried 5 servings and ended liking vanilla best. Quality is good and shipping is fast.

  20. Great Protein and a Great Value

    Posted by on

    Protein tasted good and mixed well with water. I was not disappointed

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